John Plane, John Plane

John Plane, John Plane #

In the beginning John realized he was different from others. He wasn’t born like the rest. He was machined. Half-Man. All-Plane, with a plan. John Plane will find you, John Plane will end you, John Plane will settle this score. John Plane doesn’t have a badge or a Gun. John Plane isn’t the Law. He is simply John Plane.1

Possessions #

  • D3 Fuel Canisters (as Provisions)
  • Passport
  • Pilot’s Manual for a wide body aircraft
  • D3 Empty Bottles of Beer
  • Cell Phone (1 bar of battery)

Advanced Skills #

3 Metal Face (as Shield Fighting)
0 Flight
1 Plane Shift
1 Summon Followers
1 Tracking

Special #

  • That Which Watches: whenever John Plane takes damage, vile taunting pervades from the shadows.
  • Plane Form: test your luck to add +3 flight, -3 Metal Face. Lasts d6 rounds.
  • Follower (Skill: 3, Stamina: 3, Initiative: 1, Damage as Unarmed): ultimately searching for a body of water to dive into.

  1. John Plane was the first in a series of action films that I grew up with. They’re important to me. I hope this is a way that you will discover them too. Let us know what your favorite John Plane scenes were? My favorite line was “I’ll get you Robert Drone”. I would shout it at the TV. I was excited. I was Happy. ↩︎