John Plane, In Hell

John Plane, In Hell #

In the depths of hell John Plane was found. He studied under the Avionic Arch-Demon. John Plane was hunting the Un-Lost Gorgon of Ich’N’Yall. She held the black box that would send him home. He had a family you see, and he’s been trapped in hell.1

Possessions #

  • Aviator Sunglasses (avoids sun blindness)
  • Engine Lubricant
  • D3 Cursed Symbols (for Hell-Port)
  • Mouth of God (always shouting)

Advanced Skills #

3 Plane Shift
3 Tracking
2 Targeting System (as Fighting) 1 Flight
1 Hell-port (as Teleport… but connects with a layover in hell)
1 Astrology
1 Language - Demon

Special #

I got my D3ye on you: initiative of 3. Cannot be surprised or flanked. Plane Form: Test your luck to gain +2 flight. +2 tracking & deals 0 damage while defending from attacks.

D3D3-Headed Giant: start at random. roll when damaged
1Broo-Tal Fists (as Gigantic Beast): hitting target 2 or more times in a round vaults them 30’ into the air.
Hands For Eyes: fumbles blind you for d3 rounds.
2Stalag-Missile Barrage (as Pistolet): +2 skill vs moving targets.
3Voice as Thunder (as Thunder): speaking casts thunder. Cost stamina.

  1. After sales died completely, they went with the straight to VHS sequel. It did extremely well. But the director had given up on film and started a vineyard by then. ‬ ↩︎