John Plane, the New Fleet

John Plane, the New Fleet #

John Plane’s progeny carries on the legacy. They are the new fleet. Each one of them joining in undeath. Made of living flesh and metal plane-skeleton. Harvesting plane boneyards and pilot’s nest-hives. Death to pilots. These planes fly themselves. John Plane is a mark of a generation. Death to the old planes. These cobalt wings fly anew.1

Possessions #

  • D3 Melted metal icons
  • Tungsten floss
  • Polishing Wax for Undead Plane Chrome
  • Notepad with Blood Quills

Advanced Skills #

2 Flight
2 Language - Demon
2 Etiquette
2 Sleight of Hand
1 Mouth Hand Tongue Fighting (as Small Beast)
1 Mathmology
1 Sneak
1 Hellish Gaze (as Second Sight)

Special #

  • Young Frame: -6 stamina at creation.
  • Plane Form: Test your luck to gain +4 flight for d3 rounds. When it ends, deal rotor damage (as swords) to all within 50’.
  • Thighs like a Truck: Test your luck, to add a kick(as Modest Beast) to any action.
  • Barometric Suplex: -4 skill to perfect rotors flaring, atmospheric pressure inverts, and the target’s bones are shattered, dealing damage as gigantic beast.
  • Undead Living Metal: immune to mighty blows, they sparkle fantastically, but do nothing. When it dies, it wakes within d33 weeks with -1 skill and +d6 stamina. Can be turned as undead.

  1. All series get rebooted. It’s a mess when it happens. They always find some younger actors and have some stupid cameo. ‬‪But this was it. Thanks Hollywood, for the sequel no one wanted. ‬‪Apparently it got a standing ovation ‬ ↩︎