MU-Echelon Siege Captain, Exalted

MU-Echelon Siege Captain, Exalted #

Exo-skeletons formed from the filth and debris of ransacked worlds. No city wall can stand in their presence. All will fall.

Skill: 7
Stamina: 7
Initiative: 2
Armor: 2

Mien #

  1. Activating a beacon.
  2. Replacing ribs.
  3. Arguing trigonometry.
  4. Surveilling.
  5. Counting ore pieces.
  6. Idly hovering.

Special #

  • Third Arm: When MU-Echelon takes a hit, it may remove one of its Tokens from the Initiative Stack to immediately attack the opponent.
  • Crown of Doing: It always wins ties.
  • Halo of Ordinance: When attacking large entities and structures, MU-Echelon does additional damage from its orbital bombardment (Damage as Maul).
  • Exo-Skeleton: It is immune to Mighty Blows.

Unconfirmed Frame Alterations #

  1. All its attacks knock the opponent back 30’.
  2. Whenever it brings down a wall, all nearby take Damage as Pistolet from flying debris.
  3. It can manifest a bone cage (Stamina 12) around a target, preventing them from moving.
  4. +2 Artillery, Indirect Fire, Bringing Down Walls and Building Mazes.
  5. Cannot be reduced below 1 Stamina while bathed in moonlight.
  6. Anyone hit by its dazing blows cannot act on their turn in Initiative for the next 1d3 rounds.

Frame Weak Points #

  1. Enemies regenerate 1d3 Luck each round in its presence.
  2. Each hit it suffers lowers its armor by 1 for the rest of the encounter.
  3. You can always hear it coming—sounds of rubble, debris and cracking concrete as it moves.
  4. -2 to Skill Tests vs Spells.
  5. Vulnerable to pig iron; all attack with pig iron weapons count as Mighty Blows.
  6. Cannot operate in tunnels.