MU-Errant 2, don’t look for #1

MU-Errant 2, don’t look for #1 #

In the midst of kings who reign in death and metallic trash birds, a knight rises to the occasion. They are of many species, but seek fealty. They become as cubes unto God.

Skill 12
Stamina 15
Initiative 3
Armor 10

Mien #

  1. Atmospheric reentry.
  2. Counting meteoric ore.
  3. Firing the tri-laser.
  4. Tumbling down hills.
  5. Stacked.
  6. Emulating a hyper-cube.

Special #

  • Wandering Knight: Every town it falls upon looks to them for guidance, regardless of their impact.
  • Never-Broken Rings: Damage as Unarmed. The rings that hover above it never break. Touch one, it fuses to your hand. May make an additional ring attack on their turn.
  • Tri-Laser: Damage as Jolt. When it hits, deal damage 1d3 times.
  • Spider-Ascent: Can climb anything, no matter the substance.
  • Hold-Me-Not Horns: Damage as Gigantic Beast. Horns cannot be held—they burn (Damage as Dragon-Fire if touched).

Unconfirmed Frame Alterations #

  1. Targets of its attacks must Test vs Luck or be nailed to the ground.
  2. Its attacks call down lightning (Damage as Jolt) upon the target.
  3. Can smell meteoric ore within 10 miles.
  4. +2 Sleight of Hand.
  5. Can sense living beings through walls.
  6. Food cooked in its presence is 1d6 times tastier.

Frame Weak Points #

  1. Takes double damage from stone.
  2. Sleep spells and effects always succeed against it.
  3. Makes constant sounds of radio static and breaking glass. Can be heard for a quarter mile around.
  4. Loses 1d3 Armor each time it takes damage.
  5. Spells cast in its presence (successfully or not) daze it for 1d3 rounds.
  6. Each of the 1d6 rings on its head restore 1d3 Luck if grabbed.