MU-Stalker, the Flightless Trash

MU-Stalker, the Flightless Trash #

The Stalker platform can outrun anything—alas, these metal birds are flightless. They form from the metal of invaded worlds. They are inevitable in all ore-bearing spheres.

Skill 7
Stamina 4
Initiative 3
Armor 10

Mien #

  1. Pecking.
  2. Grooming itself.
  3. Throwing feather blades.
  4. Calling the flock.
  5. Sleeping.
  6. Mourning.

Special #

  • Limb-Severin’ Teeths: Their Mighty Blows take off a limb. (Chill, it regrows in metal in 1d3 days.)
  • Blade-as-Wings: Damage as Greatsword. FLIGHTLESS.
  • Die or Ride: To take one as a mount, it must first slay you.
  • Flock Strength: They appear in groups of 1d6.
  • Silent Signals: They can whip their tail cabling about to communicate over long distances.

Oh, and they’re functionally immortal; they will never die of age.

Unconfirmed Frame Alterations #

  1. Each time they attack, they may pull one of their Tokens from the Initiative Stack to take another turn immediately.
  2. When they strike a Mighty Blow, they add an additional Token to the Initiative Stack this round
  3. When they damage something, they add an additional token to the Initiative Stack this round.
  4. They fly silently through the air.
  5. Their bones, when carved, can be used as arcane focuses and holy items.
  6. They can smell meteoric ore within 5 miles.

Frame Weak Points #

  1. They are arcane lighting rods. Whenever they fumble, they are struck by lightning (Damage as Jolt).
  2. Magic warps near them; treat double-1s as double-6s instead, treat double-6s as double-1s instead.
  3. They are perpetually hungry; they must always eat. -1 Skill for every round they have not eaten (cumulative).
  4. They have 0 Armor.
  5. They cannot blend into the shadows; light glints off their metallic bodies.
  6. They cannot fit in tight spaces. The flock must spread their wings, or they will not pass.