MU-Yoked, of the Eternal Herd

MU-Yoked, of the Eternal Herd #

Clad in un-flesh, they descend upon worlds by the thousands—an event called the Graze. Their pride fertilizes the Echelon. Praise unto the dead calf!

Skill: 6
Stamina: 12
Initiative: 1
Armor: -1

Mien #

  1. Sleeping, hovering.
  2. Stampeding.
  3. Growing un-flesh.
  4. Tilling the earth.
  5. Descending from above.

Special #

  • The Eternal Herd: A MU-Yoked may bray to summon another 1d3 MU-Yoked.
  • Death Burden: It can pull anything for 1d3 days, no matter the size or weight.
  • Harrowing as Though They Hover: As long as it lives, its hooves never touch the ground.
  • Un-Flesh: Its dripping muscle tissue fully revitalizes the undead. The living, however, begin to die.

Unconfirmed Frame Alterations #

  1. May cast a spell at random from the Random Spell Table.
  2. Each time it hits with an attack, it may pull one of its Tokens from the Initiative Stack to take another turn immediately.
  3. +3 Stealth in sunlight.
  4. Suffers no penalty from rough terrain.
  5. Holy energy radiates from it, burning all unholy beings nearby (Damage as Fire Bolt at the end of each round).
  6. Heals 1d6 Stamina each time it eats.

Frame Weak Points #

  1. Its skin rots when touched by bare flesh (-1 Skill, -1d3 Stamina).
  2. Any nearby failed spell automatically hits the MU-Yoked, no matter the caster.
  3. All locks break in its presence.
  4. If it misses an attack, skip its next Initiative.
  5. Completely blind in the dark.
  6. -2 Skill against small targets.