What’s on the Body?

What’s on the Body? #

D33Thing that you found on the body
11Turn to Un-Flesh: The finder must Test vs Luck or they may not touch bare flesh without rotting (1d3 damage each touch, lasts 1d6 days).
121d3 claymores made from meteoric ore, each broken in half (Damage as Sword, unbreakable, +1 damage against demons).
13Inverse Flashlight: Where its beam touches turns dark, as black as night.
14Time-Space Vortex Bomb: Immediately explodes. Everyone nearby must Test vs Luck or they can only act every other round. Every other time their Token is drawn, they can only scream. Lasts 1d3 hours.
15Single-Use Tri-Laser: Damage as Fusil, disintegrates after one use. Users must Test vs Luck or be forever branded a thief in MU-Echelon society.
161d6 tons of glass, rubble, debris and wires.
21Spell Compass: Will always point toward the last spell cast within 5 miles. Useful for hunting rogue mages, less useful during magic storms.
22Fleet Beacon: A MU-Errant 2 arrives in 1d3 hours demanding the beacon. More will come. They always come.
23A vial of MU-Echelon blood. When consumed, grants understanding of their language for 1d3 hours before all memory of the language dissipates.
24Armor Sickness: Test vs Luck or your armor liquifies and attacks your DNA (1d3 Damage per point of Armor).
25MU-Errant Horns: Damage as Gigantic Beast. Cannot be held. Anyone attempting to hold them takes 1d33 Damage and Tests vs Luck. On success, they can hold the horns long enough to make one attack.
26Glass Produced by Their Fabled Lightning Strikes: When touched, the glass will glow pink if any MU-Echelon approach.
31Din: A 130dB blast goes off. Anyone with uncovered ears must Test vs Luck or be deafened for 1d3 hours.
32Mark of the MU-Echelon: Will unlock 1d3 security doors within their complexes before alerting the guard.
33Glass Needle Trap: Skill 8. On trigger, it sprays glass needles (Damage as Knife). Anyone damaged by the trap will be damaged again after 24 hours as the needles spread through their veins.
341d6 Jars of Un-Flesh: If ingested, take 1d36 damage and Test vs Luck. On success you can see through the eyes of who bore the flesh, +2 Skill against the MU-Echelon for 1d3 days.
35Voice of the Fleet: Parasite. When attached to vocal cords, allows telepathic communication with all nearby MU-Echelon. Each use, Test vs Luck or lose 1 Skill permanently.
36Heat Beacon: When activated, becomes the hottest object in the region. Heat-seeking, infravision, and other heat imagery CANNOT ignore it.