Echelon Pain Configurations (as Spells)

Echelon Pain Configurations (as Spells) #

11HARD RESET (6): Target mechanical, robotic, or cybernetic object shuts down for 1d6 rounds as it resets. On a fumble, the machine weaponizes instantly against the caster.
12Hydro-Inversion (4): Standing water, rivers, lakes, aquariums, tanks within a quarter mile invert, and their water floats into the air. The air itself turns into a fluid solution. Lasts 1d3 rounds.
13Reaper Puppet (4): The caster fashions a puppet from their own flesh. The puppet gains +1 Skill with every kill the caster makes. At 10 Skill it becomes an independent entity. If left alone, it will raise a small cult around itself. If left unchecked, it will topple worlds.
21Chromatic Expulsion (2): All color leaves the target and they turn monochromatic. 1-in-3 chance to turn monochromatic grey instead.
22Meteoric Reentry (8): The target is thrown into the atmosphere then falls back towards the sphere. Damage as Dragon-Fire. The caster may direct them at a target of their choice, doing Damage as Large Beast.
23Cursed Howling (3): The caster’s howling turns all lycanthropes within hearing range.
31False Mirror (5): The caster creates a duplicate of themselves, and may act from either body. Damage dealt to one applies also to the other (they share the same Stamina). After 1d3 rounds, the mirror shatters, dealing Damage as Knife to all nearby.
32Ignore-Death Protocol (6): Lose all remaining Luck. The next attack that would kill you leaves you at 1 Stamina instead. Lasts until you regain Luck or evade death in this way.
33Fleet Beacon (12): The caster summons a Siege Captain and 1d3 MU-Errant 2. They assist the caster for the remainder of the encounter then return to the flotilla.