Angelic Geometrical Transference

Angelic Geometrical Transference #

Geometric Rationalizations #

Make one of these

  1. Perma-Mouth Sealant: mouth is soldered shut.
  2. Exposed Wireframe: random limb turns into hollow polygonal mesh. Permanently lose 1d4 hp.
  3. Voice of Sacred Calculus: voice forces fear check or minds unravel.
  4. Vectorize: sees the world polygonal. Can’t tell entities apart unless they speak or act.

Mortal Abandonments #

To gain one of these

  1. Clipping: Fort save to pass through solid matter 10’ thick.
  2. God Mode: suffer 1 damage and Fort save to ignore next damage.
  3. Big Head: advantage on visual checks.
  4. Reality Ending Cannon: upgrade damage type to d20.