Geometries #

  1. Tetrahedonics (HD 8, Full Plate, 3x Longbow): legions filling the skies, they rain down their hail of needles. Inside they carry up to 4 fleshlings for experimentation.
  2. Spheroids (HD 15, Studded Leather, 1x Dagger): drifting slowly toward interesting sights, focused on targets. Will save or be pulled into the sky.
  3. Ringulatrons (HD 4, Scale Mail, 1x Polearm): travel in groups of 1d4+1 or more. When two link, any object passed through one erupts through the other.
  4. Cylindromatics: (HD 3, Unarmored, 1x Unarmed): infiltrate flesh enclaves and project their own thought matrices onto weak minds. Will save or hallucinate geometry made perfect for 1d4 turns.
  5. Bladed Toroidals (HD 1, Full Plate, 1x Sword): feed on the minds of those that pump blood. Those subjected to their trepanation have disadvantage until the blood meter is recharged.
  6. Titanic Cylindromatics (HD 20, Full Plate, 3x Polearm): giants amongst both geometry and mortal alike. Siege weapons that topple empires. Ref saves (30’ radius) or damage as dagger and knocked prone (1/turn).