Rasterization is Hell

Rasterization is Hell #

Angelic War-Geometry #

  1. Binding Torus (1d4): Ref save or restrained. Attaches to target.
  2. Boring Cubes (1d8, thrown): burrow into target for 1 damage/round for 1d6 rounds.
  3. Shock Cylinder (1d4, 10’): Fort save or knocked prone.
  4. Flaming Wheel (1d12, rolled): leaves burning trail (1d4) as it rolls.

Effects of Geometric Incursion #

  1. Photonic Outpouring: lights spray from wounds for 1 turn, blinding all who watch.
  2. Spherisis: curls into perfect sphere, screaming the whole way (1d4 turns). Rolls around.
  3. Shatter: body fragments away, suffering 1d4 damage from splintering. Armor breaks.
  4. Reduce Dimension: flattens. Loses ½ health. Confined to single plane of motion.