Ringulatronic Duplicator

Ringulatronic Duplicator #

Place mundane items in linked network of 3+ Ringulatron to produce angelic effects.

  1. Food: 1d4 geometregon fuel cells. Power the angelic geometries. Damage as sword when thrown to all within 10’. 3-in-4 chance to detonate additional fuel cells.
  2. Recorded Media: holographic projection of the media, projected straight to brain.
  3. Armaments: geometric rust solidols. When thrown irritates. Fort save or disadvantage until eyes purified by the cathode ray of god.
  4. Human & Fly: Human-Fly (HD 2, Hide, 1x Bastard Sword, Flight).

Ringulatronic Clones #

Double (HD 3, Scale Mail, DR 1, 1x Shortbow, 1x Dagger): humans passed through a ringulatron come out like this—geometrical projections of flesh incarnate.

Specific.exe Manifestation #

  1. Recall: opposed Will save to drag target 10’ closer.
  2. Anaconda: become a 30’ snake. Gain constrict attack (Fort save or fall unconscious).
  3. Mongoose: attack 3x. Larger attackers have disadvantage.
  4. Save Point: Will save on death to get up with full health.