Valiant Pitiful Humans

Valiant Pitiful Humans #

Rex, the Gunner #

HD 4, Leather, 2x Longbow+3

shoots first. Never asks questions. Family killed by Unearthly Geometries. +3 vs the Geometries.

Vito, the Muscle #

HD 8, Hide, 1x Geometric Fists as Warhammer

punched straight through a rhombus. Storied chef. Eyes beginning to crystalize. +4 Unarmed.

York, the Wanderer #

HD 4, Leather, 1x Axe

tracked geometries since planetfall. Lives in a commune with his sisters in the woods. Advantage on tracking rolls.

Bianca, the Crashing Dawn #

HD 6, Full Plate, 2x Bastard Sword

said to be geometry made human. Geometry and man alike confound her. +4 to seize control of Geometry for 1d4 turns.