Intro Adventure, “Double Decker”

Intro Adventure, “Double Decker” #

The Trash Corps guards the entry to the Flatlands. They work for the Flat Man. That’s all you need to know.

You also need to know that this adventure covers a ridiculous plot to turn the Flatlands into a 3D environment, topple the Flatmen, and free the Trash Corps.

It’s honestly quite silly. Don’t run it.

Designer Note: I’m borrowing from the Savage Worlds “Plot Point Campaign” conceit. The major story beats have triggers for when you should run them, which leave changing effects on the game world. In between the beats, do whatever you want. Let the players explore. Run other encounters, do a sandbox, whatever just make it flat. They also can be run out of order. OBEY THE TRIGGERS. [The editor does not approve of the inclusion of this Designer Note, and requested its removal, Ed.]