Flatlands Encounters

Flatlands Encounters #

1 Things that go flat in the night (violent) #

  1. A flat Trashman goes on a rampage, tearing a flat flat to pieces. He is puppeted by the Flatmen.
  2. A flat mob, dragging one of their own through the streets for talking about 3D space and promises of a world without a Flat regime.
  3. A 3D being is about to be flattened by a group of Flat Ones.
  4. A mob of Flat Ones drags a Trashman to a Compactor Fusion Core in hopes of sending him through and eradicating him. Death to the 3D!
  5. A Flat Man is starting fights, trying to force someone to open a gateway to the 3D world.
  6. Folding space. Trashmen are “disappearing” anyone who has seen this folding region.

2 Things that go flat in the night (awkward) #

  1. 2 Flat Ones on a date. You’re making them incredibly uncomfortable just by being there. They start asking questions about what it’s like to be 3D.
  2. A Flat One flash mob breaks out. You must imitate their movements or be found out. It’s also one of their birthdays.
  3. 2 groups of 3 Flat Ones are arguing the nuances of their relationship, hoping their exes and unknowns aren’t a part of it. Unfortunately for them, all space has folded so all 6 of them are forced to deal with each other.
  4. 2 Flat Ones are sneaking away from a party to get some alone time. Turns out the nearest “quiet” area is a Compactor Fusion Core. They looked pretty suspicious when they slipped out.
  5. A Flat One is singing karaoke duets by themselves. All the songs are about the 3D world.
  6. A Flat One joins the party, thinking it’s a trip to the flat beach.

3 Things that go flat in the night (absurd) #

  1. Strange glowing lights are rising from the Compactor Fusion Core in the distance, strange glowing lights floating. Flat mutants laugh and play themselves as instruments. They’re attracting a lot of attention.
  2. A Trash Man has demanded a parade of Flat Ones. They’re all twerking and beating on drums.
  3. Flat crows keep folding into arrows and pointing at incredibly benign things.
  4. Folding space. Flat Ones are trying to stitch themselves into the folding areas to become 3D.
  5. The road you’re walking on is actually a sleeping Flat One. You hear occasional snores.
  6. Earthquakes are causing Flat Ones to grow flat wings.