Flat Ones

Flat Ones #

Skill 3
Stamina 4
Initiative 1
Armour equal to the dimensions of the source
Damage as Papercut (sword)

Mien #

  1. Trapped in a wall, looking scared
  2. Terrified of shadows
  3. Splitting self in two, then rejoining in the middle
  4. Attempting to comprehend a 3D screwdriver
  5. Arguing with a 3D trash man asking them to become 2D already
  6. Needing a vacation pondering 3D conversion

The 2D beings that inhabit the Flatlands. They are subjugated by the Flatmen. They’re not evil.

They are very flat though and do not enjoy being mocked by the third, fourth, and sixth dimensional Beings.

Special #

  • Slips under doors and through shut windows.
  • Due to their 2D nature, their attacks always account as ambushes to the way the 3 dimensional perceive them.
  • +1 skill per adjacent 2-dimensional being