[PLOT POINT] Make it into the flatlands Infiltrate normie society deal with the flat man

Make it into the flatlands Infiltrate normie society deal with the flat man #

Plot Point Trigger: If the player characters find themselves in a coffee shop, street fair, or anywhere else STACK GANGs congregate, they are approached by 0x0000AAAF.

Getting in #

Pissed off and tired of the never-ending, ever-increasing aggression of the war between the 2D and 3D astral planes, a local well-known STACK GANG (“knife gang” 0x0000AAAF) has found a way in through the southeastern trash network of the city. Their plan is incredibly incoherent, something about stacking 2D planes into 3D objects in the Flatlands.

They are however, extremely on top of their intended entrance to the Flatlands. The entryway isn’t well guarded—there’s 3 random trash cans and a single random Trashman that shows up when the trash cans notice the intruders.

There’s a computer terminal attached to a manhole cover. That’s how you get in. The Trash Man has the security codes to get through, but they’re also imprinted on his skull and left femur, if push comes to shove.

When almost killed or otherwise incapacitated, the Trash Man opens the gateway to summon more Trashmen. This is also an opening to get in: the gate stays open for 1d3 rounds.

The Flatlands #

On the other side of the gateway, everyone finds themselves strangely afflicted. They all Test their Luck, or are subject to the Flatmen 3D-2D effects. Those lucky enough to be unscarred incite terror in the minds of the Flat whenever first seen.

The Flatlands are a lot like the 3D world. People work their jobs to make ends meet and are ruled over by the incredibly flat—and evil—Flatmen.

Best to try to blend in and be flat—no need to draw attention to themselves being anomalies.

The Flatmen are aware of the incursion.