[PLOT POINT] Party on the floor

Party on the floor #

Plot Point Trigger: A Flat Man is slain, or the PROJECTION1 begins.

Flat-Bells, Flat-Chimes, and Flat-Fetti ring out through the streets. A symbol of their oppression is gone. Whether the Flatmen or the end of the Compactor Regime, the Flat Ones are excited. They do not fully know what dimensional future awaits them.

Who thanks you? #

  1. Flat One 0xDEADDEAD aka “Manual Crash” arrives. A well-known saboteur in the Flatlands. Down for whatever really. They have ties with the guilds that control the 2D-to-3D ports.
  2. Flat One 0xFDFDFDFD aka “no man’s land,” a fixer for the Trashmen that have newly arrived in the Flatlands. They smuggle 3D goods into the Flatlands, and have a warehouse that likely contains anything the party could want. It’s all contraband.
  3. Trash man 0xFEEEFEEE aka “Freed Memory,” the released Trash Man. Bears no allegiance to the Flatmen. Offers training in the ways of the Trash Man, and access to the trash tunnels through 3D space.

What are they doing? #

  1. Holding a parade through the flat-streets of flat-downtown.
  2. Rooftop flat-party. Everyone is invited. They are grilling the flattest foods you’ve ever seen.
  3. Sewer raft rave. A barge goes through the flat-river underneath the capital city in the Flatlands. Every counterculture Flat One in the region is there. Stuff is about to GO OFF. The next day, attendees wake with 0 Luck.

What do you get? #

  1. Flat-Lance of Longinus (as Spear). Any 2D object struck becomes 3D, and vice versa. It’s a portable fusion reactor created by a Flat religion.
  2. Murder of Flat-Arrow Crows. When you whisper a target’s name to them, they fly in a Flat-line of arrows, pointing you to how to get there.
  3. Flat Wine. It’s a square wine (not a box of wine).

What happens on the other side? #

  1. Trashmen stand aside, recognizing you as a Flat Man.
  2. Trash Cans ferry Flatmen across to the 3D world.
  3. Troika City evacuates as the world destabilizes.

  1. Destabilizing 3+ Compactor Fusion Reactors begins the projection. The erosion of the boundary between the 2D and 3D physical and astral planes. The Flat arrives in 3D space and the Dimensional in 2D space. Chaos ensues, etc. ↩︎