[PLOT POINT] Stack the plasma cores to destabilized the flat empire

Stack the plasma cores to destabilized the flat empire #

Plot Point Trigger: The player characters find their way into the Compactor Fusion Reactor.

The Compactor Fusion Reactor #

Giant, FLAT, reactors power the Flatlands. They effectively condense 3D objects into 2D planar objects, and the leftover “3D juice” is what pulses through the power grid. They shave the 3rd dimension to create perpetual energy.

Should they all collapse, that would mean certain doom for the 2nd dimension, as they would literally be powerless. Flat society would collapse.

Anyways, it’s a big FLAT building, looks suspicious… glowing lights and rings, that kind of thing.

Getting Past Security #

The Front
The front of the Reactors are watched over by 3 Flat Trashmen. They notice most things and are easily distracted. Drawing their ire is not recommended.

There’s a 2-in-3 chance that any of the Trashmen have the security codes to get in the terminal. Brute forcing it is possible, but don’t get caught.

The Back
A mess of overground pipes spiral away from the building, an exhaust system. Most 3D beings can squish through it.

Every fifteen minutes, superheated plasma runoff courses through it. Test your Luck while crawling through or take Damage as Dragon Fire as the system purges itself.

There are some sensors in the tunnel, easily tripped. If tripped, a Flat Man will arrive and “greet” the “guests.”

Wandering around the reactor #

If there’s any hope of bringing this monstrosity down, the group needs to find one of the control panels for the cooling system, the brain, or the 3D intake. It’s a flat land though—3D beings should be able to accidentally find it within 30 minutes.

There’s 1-in-3 chance of a Flat Man being on the premises, acting as a hellish foreman. They’re not expecting visitors, so a sneaky group has them at a disadvantage.

Initiate Core Meltdown #

Triggering the shutdown process is the easy part. Anyone who can operate any kind of machinery, or has some intuition with alien technology, can find the specific buttons to press.

Failure to press the correct button summons a Flat Man to the control room to sweep the insurgents.

On success, flat-sirens announce that the facility will destabilize in 3d3 rounds. 1d3 Flatmen arrive in 2d3 Rounds to stabilize the facility.

Systems Failure #

Spaces in the region start folding. Edges lift, bend, break, contort. Residents of the Flatlands find it truly horrific. 3D beings consider this hauntings, evil spirits, aliens, whatever.

When 3+ Compactor Fusion Cores destabilize, random portals open through folded space back to the 3D realm. The PROJECTION begins.