[PLOT POINT] Stack the multiple flat realities to create a 3D space

Stack the multiple flat realities to create a 3D space #

Plot Point Trigger: The players find a section of the Flatlands that is folding, or the Compactor Fusion Reactor is destabilized.

Folded Flat Space #

In the Flatlands, folding—or any 3D behavior, really—is entirely illegal and highly improbable. As the boundary between 2D and 3D space breaks down, folded areas appear. There’s an 6-in-36 chance (we recommend rolling d66 and looking for doubles) of finding one while wandering around. After a reactor meltdown, a 1-in-3 chance. In any case, the first time they find a folded area, a Flat One is standing around shouting: if properly folded, the area becomes a terminal-free gateway to 3D space FOR the people, BY the people, WITHOUT the command of the Flatmen. 1d3 Trashmen watch from a distance, observing the dissonance.
Before being tackled by the Trashmen, the Flat One shouts that 2D space must be stacked and folded like boxes and maquettes of the 3D world to create the tunnel. They don’t survive the full-body block (from the Trashmen). The weak points will need to be evaluated—that’s where Flat Ones and Trashmen congregate, watching as reality literally bends in front of them.

Tearing out the anomalous region #

Shows of strength or magic or whatever are good enough to tear out the region. This is horrific to any Flat Ones that see it, as you are literally destroying their reality. It takes 1d3 rounds to successfully sever the connection. Enough pieces must be extracted to fit the bodies of the party.

The torn edges, still attached to the floor of 2D reality, ripple and burst and break, sending shockwaves through the attached 2D space. The area must be evacuated or d33 flat ones will perish in d33 rounds after removal.

The moment the first piece is pulled out, you draw the attention of 1d3 Trashmen. They are very tired of this nonsense, and they threaten to summon the Flatmen to restore Flatness to the section if you don’t drop the bent pieces of 2D reality back onto the flat ground.

Creating a barbaric 3D stack of 2D reality #

If the group begins to stack and create a tunnel like the Flat One was shouting about, a portal to the 3D world appears. It looks like a manhole cover leading back to Troika City!

The portal takes 1d6 rounds to stabilize, and 2 Flatmen arrive every 1d3 rounds to try to shut it.

One way or another, the Flatmen know what the players are up to. Left to their own devices, they make sure the area is fully sealed and returned to 2D ownership by the end of the night..