Wandering Monsters

Wandering Monsters #

Every once in a while, every dungeon turn (10 minutes or whatever in-game, MAKE THEM FLAT), you can or should (you probably should) roll for a wandering monster to find out what is happening.

Roll a number of dice equal to your current dimension (2 for 2D, 3 for 3D). If you get snake eyes (or mutant enlightened snake eyes, or roll doubles or triples of any value), then something happens. Roll to see what they come across.

2nd Dimensional Entities #

Monster #

  1. Trashman 0x0000003 and 1d3 conscripted Flat Ones.
  2. 3d3 Flat Ones
  3. Flat Man 0x000C0000, breathing heavily.

Surprise #

  1. Darting and pooling around where you stepped, very surprising.
  2. Flat enough you mistook them for a boring door.
  3. Your shadow moved, it moved toward you—oh god it’s a 2D being traveling in the plane! You’re definitely dead.

Reaction** #

  1. Horrified.
  2. Already in the middle of subjugating someone else—you will be quick work.
  3. Paused, don’t make eye contact. DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT.

Distance #

  1. Trapped in a wall, for now.
  2. Swimming through the floor.
  3. Staring down at you from the ceiling, if there is one.

3rd Dimensional Entities #

Monsters #

  1. Heap 0xDDDDDDDD, stomping and grunting.
  2. Trashman 0x00000002, dumping inert trash cans on the ground.
  3. 2d3 Trash Cans set up to stand guard.

Surprise #

  1. Heading through a manhole portal.
  2. Actively looking for you. You’re filthy.
  3. Genuinely shocked, but not surprised or mad yet.

Reaction #

  1. More or less ennui.
  2. Definitely angry to see you.
  3. Willing to “parlez vous.”

Distance #

  1. Jumping off the top of a building (or something of your own invention).
  2. Crab-walking into view.
  3. Running at full speed right at you.