Basic and Straightforward Expectations when Dealing with a STACK GANG

Basic and Straightforward Expectations when Dealing with a STACK GANG #

Every STACK GANG starts as an individual stack, a single, one of them, just singular (not a very good gang).

STACK GANGs start with 1d3 Skill && 1d3 Stamina && 1 Initiative.

To get STACKED: a STACK GANG, upon Testing Luck successfully, permanently loses 1d3 Luck and adds the new Stack (+1 Skill, +1d3 Stamina, and +1 Initiative).

If a STACK GANG falls over, they Test Luck to get back up. Takes an entire round.

To get stuff out of their inventory in a hurry, STACK GANGs roll 1d6 for each member1. Figure out how to arrange your inventory sheet to accommodate this.

STACK GANGs can swap a stack at will. Both sides just consent and get it done.

Encountering a STACK GANG in combat leads to silliness. If both STACK GANGs contain the same stack (like if the same stack somehow exists in both STACK GANGs, due to some kind of anomalous spatiotemporal stuff), that stack is inactive due to PARALLEL REALITIZATION.

Any STACK GANG made exclusively of 3 or more of the same stack is considered divine, and may BLOW THEIR STACK2 at will.


STACK GANGs add 1 per stack to Damage rolls.

STACK GANGs can “do the whip.” They jump, and the top of the stack flips to the ground, and the whole stack comes down on someone Hard (Damage as Small Beast, Test Luck to not fall over).

  1. A stack of 3 rolls 3d6 instead of the normal 2d6. They have 15 slots instead of 11 ↩︎

  2. BLOWING A STACK: Deal Damage as Jolt to a random target. Repeat for each stack in the STACK GANG. Then the STACK GANG falls over. ↩︎