11 stacked like a colossi (6) #

Grow to the size of a city-ending titan. Everything you do does Damage as Gigantic Beast. Drains 1 Luck per round, ends at 0 Luck.

12 triple vision (3) #

The stack projects through both 2D and 3D astral space, into the cerebellum of the target. They gain triple vision, believing there are at least 1d3 more stacks than there really are. Lasts until the victim grabs and tickles a stack.

13 stack-porting (2) #

In a fit of desperation and panic, any members of this stack may teleport to any other STACK GANG nearby.

21 blend in (3) #

This stack splits into 1d6 normal people (Skill 3, Stamina 3, Initiative 1, Armour 0, Damage as Unarmed). Lasts until any of the Normal Persons fails a Luck Test.

Normal People Names #

  1. Karen.
  2. Karen.
  3. Karen.
  4. Karen.
  5. Karen.
  6. Something of your own invention.

22 Mach burst slap (8) #

Breaking the sound barrier, and with much spiralling, the stack slaps a victim, knocking them 1 mile away for each stack in the STACK GANG.

23 walking down invisible stairs (1) #

All witnessing this must Test their Luck or be stunned, wondering where the STACK GANG is going.

31 synchronization (3) #

Select one of the stacks in the STACK GANG. All stacks immediately become that stack.

32 AS (Absolute-Stack) field (4) #

The STACK GANG gains +1 Armour for each stack in the STACK GANG. Lasts until the STACK GANG gets hurt.

33 lance of Longinus (6) #

Reaching into Stack-Space (it’s the great circle in which 2D astral space and 3D astral space intersect), the STACK GANG pulls out this holy artifact. Targets impaled by this Lance lose 1 Initiative per stack in the attacking STACK GANG, taking the time instead to elucidate apocryphal jargon.