What can Stacks EVEN Do?

What can Stacks EVEN Do? #

  1. Tickling Tall People. Usually resulting in them forgetting what they were doing, screaming STAHHP, or dropping their very important weapon or artifact.
  2. Wrestling In Pools. A spectacle viewed by all. Usually once the wrestling starts, more water is pumped into the pool until eventually only the topmost stacks can breathe or fight.
  3. Reaching Stuff Up High. There’s always a blender, or plunger, or something out of reach. Go for it.
  4. Tugs of War. These are particularly violent. The losing STACK GANG falls to pieces and is LAUGHED AT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA until they can get back up. Any STACK GANG that witnesses it will remind them the next time they see them.
  5. Building Big Things. Skyscrapers, Ziggurats, and very big bedrooms are all things STACK GANGs can help with.
  6. Troikasketball, or “Kasket” as it’s colloquially known. There is one ball in play for each stack in the tallest STACK GANG on the court. Games frequently end with scores like 300 to 7.5, and with broken bones.

Diegetic Things we won’t even List #

1 Teamwork #

  1. Maybe you need to cross a bridge. Stacks lay down so others can cross.
  2. Holding lots of boards for you to break with your sweet flying kicks.
  3. Each holding a different fruit to drop into a smoothie, and the bottom stack handles the blending.
  4. Being an entire book club, that completes and discusses multiple books at once. Very efficient.
  5. Knife throwing and juggling at ridiculous levels of execution.
  6. Communicating with multiple spirit boards at once. Spirit after-party.

2 Lifting Stuff #

  1. A whole deep freeze looted from the Flatlands. Has 11 inventory slots.
  2. A motorcycle that seats 2 people and has a trash corps emblem: “Ride the Filth.”
  3. A giant sword extracted from the back of a Flat Man’s 5th son.
  4. A very tall ladder belonging to the Trash Man compactor unions.
  5. 3 sets of identical twins born under a flat moon.
  6. A very large turnip pulled from the earth. Put your back into it.

3 Lots of stuff to Carry #

  1. d33 canisters of compressed air.
  2. d3 miniature tigers that don’t want to get in the bath.
  3. d6 streamers that look flat.
  4. A set of traffic signs for all sides to a 6 way intersection (with a protected left turn).
  5. d3 birdcages.
  6. d333 lbs of grocerys.