we cannot forget

we cannot forget #

The skies parted and fire fell… I lost everything I ever loved. In many ways it could be said… that they lost me. I still exist in their memories. A part of me was taken… and some of me is left… how much fire should fall that all of me is gone? Where will I go when I die? Those that loved me disappeared… if part of me is left when I leave… then why can’t I feel it… can my loved ones still love me? Can they still feel me? If I move on…do they come with me?

I think I understand why another left us… we didn’t appreciate the rest of what it had to offer, so what if one of us died. Death will find the best of us and it is unavoidable… somehow delayed… but unavoidable, please take me away from here, this land hasn’t yet tasted death, in a land where death runs wild and nature has taken its course, I will feel safe and I will saunter for years…