Taupe x Gore-Dottir

Taupe x Gore-Dottir #

Ternwillow Defense Fellowship.
Trench-bound anti-air.
Grazes on fields of war. Stalks its prey relentlessly.

Skill 8
Stamina 56
Initiative 2
Armor 4
Crew 2

mien #

  1. brazen
  2. burrowing
  3. sullen
  4. brooding
  5. live fire
  6. ecstatic


Ord-Max Assault Cannons [FULLSCREEN HEAVY]: -1 fighting against targets that moved this round. May charge cannon for 1 round for +3 to Damage Roll.
Gore-Tunnel Warp Claws [NEAR HEAVY]: -2 to Fighting when used. Allows burrowing.
XShoulder Barrage Turrets [MID LIGHT]: free attack against targets moving into range.
Ground-To-Air Flechette-Missiles [MID MEDIUM]: only targets aerial opponents. All nearby targets Test Luck or take [LIGHT] damage.
XEMPTY. Test Luck when swapping. Lost on failure.
XEMPTY. Test Luck when installing. Permanently installed on failure.
XEMPTY. Test Luck on use. Module’s range changes to [NEAR] on failure.