Containment & Ascension

Containment & Ascension #

Target #

hazard or liability

  1. Nuclear Missile Truck: inbound vehicle carrying missiles.
  2. Behemoth Vessel: its hull glints during re-entry.
  3. Flooded Grasslands: farmlands are drowning as the waters surge.
  4. Burning Metroplex: flames burst and bound as the city burns.
  5. Rampaging “Beast” Mechs: an echelon of mechs lost to the beast causes havoc.
  6. Swamp Oil Rigs: the swamps outside town house rigs towering over even the mechs.

Endgame #

what happens when containment fails.

  1. Angelic Overdrive: gigantic feathered wings burst forth as a halo burns itself into the atmosphere.
  2. Fist of God: a fist of stone, flesh, and bile bursts from inside.
  3. Metallic Fusion: pilots fuse to their mechs. Screams are audible. They cannot be removed.
  4. Overmind Puppetry: “their” overmind takes over the bodies as vessels. We must carry out “their” actions.
  5. Infectious Clutch: eggs hatch all throughout as “their” shoal of viral hardware pours forth.
  6. Heaven’s Hellfire: sky bursts and flames pour out.