Extraction & Escort

Extraction & Escort #

Location #

where you need to go.

  1. Cradle Factory: “they” say both life and machines originated from this factory. Also, this factory walks.
  2. Forward Base: central base of operations once Ternwillow fell; where most pilots find themselves.
  3. Canyon Fortress: deep within the recesses lies a keep, gilded in the bones of the fallen.
  4. the Crash Site: charred earth surrounds where “they” landed. There are no survivors, only ashes.
  5. Dark Crater: the crash was the false impact, the dark crater was where “their” signal first originated and where they were called to.
  6. Walking Citadel: it is unclear who converted whom, but the citadel claims it belongs to “them” now. And it walks.

Asset #

what you need to bring back.

  1. Damaged Mech: sparks leak from its broken limbs. It limps toward its doom.
  2. Embedded R&D: an advanced war-tech lab set itself up in the ruins… something went wrong, though…
  3. Translator: “their” language is known to us through these mediums. We depend on them.
  4. Politician: … what are they doing here?
  5. Artist: a steel-shaper making vile effigies of human leaders.
  6. Large Animal: a gilded Ox-Raven stares at you.