Raid & Sabotage

Raid & Sabotage #

location #

where you need to raid.

  1. Desalination Plant: when the saltwater dams broke plants were constructed to clean the earth.
  2. Munitions Depot: shells harvested from Goliath engines and repurposed for ordinance. Some violently misfire.
  3. Inferno-Terrarium: flames line the edge of this building. Inside vegetation grows… its oxygen fueling the flames.
  4. Lumber Mill: the forests were clearcut making way for the medical forges. Rumours tell of a wooden mech wandering the night.
  5. Living Beacon: bleeds radio-waves.
  6. Airstrip: mechs were airlifted in for weeks until “they” seized it.

Target #

what you need to sabotage.

  1. Hydro-Electric Dam: Ternwillow’s primary power source. Pure as the water itself.
  2. Fuel Hatchery: “their” eggs hatch into precious fuel powering the mechs.
  3. Comms System: satellite uplink allowing regional communication.
  4. Radar System: needed to monitor inbound / outbound mechs up to 100 miles out.
  5. Hangar: advanced storage facility for mechs and aircraft. Most deploy from these.
  6. Medical Forge: mech repair facility using stolen technology from “them”.