piloting rules

piloting rules #

Mech Skill & Initiative only used when awoken / autopilot.

Wake the Beast (automatic when under 5 Stamina): Roll Under Piloting to seize control of mech on every activation attempt. On failure mech goes berserk for 1d6 rounds.

Juice the Core: drain Armour for 1d6 hours. Test Luck to add +1 Initiative per Armour lost.

Blow the Core: drain Armor until repair. Test Luck to detonate core [MID ULTRA]. +1 to Damage Roll per Armor lost.

Auto Pilot: Test Luck to give simple command (move, shoot, guard, overwatch) to mech. On failure nothing happens.

Armory: Each mech has hardpoints and empty slots. Any marked SWAP may be removed and exchanged for any other item from the armory or other mech’s SWAPs.

Combo System: hit with a LIGHT, then MEDIUM, then HEAVY. Final attack is upgraded to ULTRA then it resets.

Out of Control #

roll when hit while below 12 Stamina.

  1. Loss of Footing: Test Skill or mech falls prone.
  2. Knocked Unconscious: pilot skips 1d3 rounds.
  3. Weapons Down: pilot’s weapons skip 1d3 rounds.
  4. Comms Down: audio / video feeds down for 1d3 rounds.
  5. Cockpit Fires: [LIGHT] Damage to pilot for 1d3 rounds.
  6. Explosions: [MEDIUM] Damage to mech and pilot.