Timelines & Chronology

Timelines & Chronology #

50000 years ago
“they” arrive among the white sands.
25000 years ago
“they” seed the region with the red currants, in honor of the goddess of the rust moon.
12500 years ago
“they” begin weaving their nervous systems into the iron veins in the ground.
6250 years ago
the goddess of the rust moon makes her first visit to the region.
3125 years ago
the first cradle breathes itself into life, the basis for the weapons platforms.
1560 years ago
volcanic eruptions facilitate the blue ash for the blue bricks.
780 years ago
arrival of humanity on the white sands.
390 years ago
the founding of Ternwillow, in honor of the goddess of the rust moon.
195 years ago
the last blue brick forged; the temple falls.
98 years ago
“they” disappear.
49 years ago
initial mobile weapons platforms built.
24 years ago
cognitive fluid is taken from humans.
12 years ago
humans born within the Cradle Factory.
6 years ago
the last nervous-iron mines close.
3 years ago
the setting of the 5th sun.
1 year ago
the ironsights decrees are passed, and humans are built within the Cradle Factory.
6 months ago
“they” return and revolt at the sight of manufactured humans.
3 months ago
theatrical troupes attempt to keep the peace.
1 month ago
humans flood from the last Cradle Factory.
15 days ago
the siege of Ternwillow begins.
1 week ago
orbital bombardment begins.
3 days ago
Jupiter’s Fist satellite falls from orbit.
1 day ago
the siege of Ternwillow ends with a ceasefire.
12 hours ago
“they” are seen combing through the dead.
6 hours ago
orbital platforms land amongst white sands.
3 hours ago
a human assassin is caught mid-attempt.
1 hour ago
“their” council says ceasefire was a mistake.
30 minutes ago
new rust rivers form throughout Ternwillow.
15 minutes ago
survivors of both sides flee the city.
7 minutes ago
rainbows violently burst from the sky.
3 minutes ago
“they” seize control of all nervous-iron.
1 minute ago
the skies are set ablaze with ordinance.
30 seconds ago
cybernetic howling is heard.
the last building in Ternwillow falls.