Woes & Wounds

Woes & Wounds #

Results of Pilot’s Last Mission #

  1. Narrow Success: skin of your teeth. +1d3 Luck.
  2. Failure: stubbornness rewarded. +d6 Stamina.
  3. Critical Failure: pilot covered in scars. +1d3 Skill.

Something’s wrong with this Mech #

  1. Ammo Depleted: next failed attack disables weapon for a day.
  2. Armour Stripped: Armour reduced to 0.
  3. Servos Locked: -1 Initiative (minimum 1)
  4. Broken Interface: no modules can be swapped.
  5. Leaking Fluid: -1 Skill per day (no minimum).
  6. Critical Damage: -10 maximum Stamina (minimum 5).

Leftovers from a time since forgotten #

D33Out of Place Artifact
11Writing Desk & Ink Quill: recording all that has happened.
12Red Dye & Red Feathers: become as the goddess of Rust Moon.
13Currant Wine & Broken Flutes: the glass will never be fixed.
21Vial of White Sand: used to celebrate, and mark territory.
22Blue Bricks: preserved for the building of “their” temples.
23Cognitive Fluid Jar: drained from an AI-Transmission Unit.
31Lance of the 5th Sun: once pierced the veil of night itself.
32Iron Nails: resonates with “their” natural frequencies.
33Lethe Conduit: produces water from the air itself.

A Mech Adorned with Glory #

D33Glorious Manifestation
11green handprints covering the fuselage.
12relief etchings of past conquest carved into the hull.
13necklaces of bone, tooth, and steel hang from it.
14laughing skulls burned into the paint.
15red iron-straw flowing from the cockpit to the ground.
16extensive scarring by sparks.
21metal peeled back to reveal muscle tissue.
22oozing mercury from the seams and weld points.
23god light shines upon it.
24a rainbow halo floats above it.
25Roman numerals painted for each kill.
26a possessed crew crawls over its body.
31stylized painting of a large carnivore.
32engines produce thick smoke.
33gold glyphs and runes soldered into the body.
34chimes affixed to every moving part.
35the cockpit never stops laughing.
36optical lasers protruding at all angles.